Aarmourtherm® Foundation



Aarmourcoat Two-Flameout ® 

Mixes with 100% acrylic or latex paint to coat your building with a fire resistant paint. A powder like substance to be mixed with a low V.O.C. paint: 50 voc's or less mixes with 8 oz of compound. $19.95 per 8oz. unit See Distributors



Aarmourgreen One®

Semi transparent multi-purpose fire resistant coating. $19.95 plus shipping 




Aarmourgreen Two®

Transparent coating or clear coat. Resists embers on roof tops, can go under paint, over paint, over wood and is acrylic compatible.




Insul Aarmour One®

Aarmourtherm wall insulation will not burn. We have a light weight paper insulation that simply will not light on fire with temperatures exceeding 5,000 F!



Insul Aarmour Two®

Blows on like other fluffy insulation but will insulate and protect your building from fire.