Aarmourtherm® Foundation

Our Mission

     Aarmourtherm is a company that contends with the legal issues for the environment conservation of air, water, waste, and safety of the populations of the world before these pollutants are released or freed into the environment, in order to preserve life and conserve materials, and to lower long-term pollutants to any country, as well as to minimize property damage, and to comply with the laws of government regulatory agencies, i.e. CDC, EPA, HAZMAT, FDA, APCD, Water and Waste Management.

     The future growth of our company materials is based on demand for better products that are safer, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

     The Laws dictate minimal requirements that are too low and take too long to implement. Some of the toxic and poisonous materials that do damage and pollute now have legal solution. Our compounds are non-toxic, non-polluting and recyclable.

     This is our platform for legal change for long-term goals.

     We are a company that is seeking to better our environment worldwide through the development of new compounds. We will be happy to disclose these provided the proper confidentiality and disclosure agreements are legally documented.

     We are seeking benefactors for endowments or grants. We are not soliciting funds at this point, but in the near future we will be negotiating leases based on the priority of our benefactors.


Thomas Brundige,                                                                   

Owner of Aarmourtherm