Aarmourtherm® Foundation

Business Statement

Aarmourtherm Foundation is a business open to the general public or for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing, installation, and sales of Aarmourtherm products to the general public for 44 years. We are a foundation established for the purpose of research and development. Aarmourtherm 2-F products are patented copyrighted and trademarked. 
All 2-F products are ASTM E-136 rated certified by Geoscience LTD (858) 453-5483 for facts (see F.A.Q. and MSDS sheet)

Two-Flameout (2-F)

     NO HOME SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Two-Flameout is a paint additive that provides insulation and protection from fires for you and your family. Two-Flameout has been tested under extreme temperatures so you can trust that it works! Two-Flameout is a scientific breakthrough! No other compound in the world is known to have the same results or even close. Aarmourtherm® is in the process of getting it's name out there, but once it does, you can be sure to see this product used everywhere.

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     Simply mix Two-Flameout  into acrylic/latex house paint (water soluble paints only) - for best results we recommend a quality paint such as Behr 40/50. Not only does this paint help insulate your home and save you money on your energy bill, but the paint is also rendered self extinguishing when Aarmourtherm Two-Flameout is added! Imagine the peace of mind this can bring you and your family, knowing you have added layers of Fire Protection to your home! 

1. Most Household Paints (Acrylic/Latex) become self extinguishing

2. Insulate your home

3. Save money on your Home Owner's Insurance

4. Save money on your energy bill

5.  Non-Toxic*

6. Biodegradable*

7. SAFE for the Environment*

8. Peace of mind for you and your family

* Only Two-Flameout is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Safe for the Enviornment. This statement does not include any paint it is mixed in. Please check with the paint manufacturer for environmental information

We supply the worlds most advance materials for weatherizing.  This makes some people who use our materials eligible for the Department of Energy -Weatherization Assistance Program. Click on the link to read more and to check for eligibility.

Which would you prefer painted on your house walls?


With Two Flameout (Torch is burning at 5301 F)     Without Two Flameout (Torch is burning at 5301 F)